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Secure Your Design

MCS`s information security design and implementation services provide solutions for the control and security of information assets.

We can provide functional security designs to help an enterprise securely share business-critical information between employees, suppliers, customers and business partners.

The two major activities related to this service are:
security architecture design  and  security architecture implementation.

Our security architecture design results in the development of a comprehensive security framework that increases consistency, efficiency, and reliability through the integration of security requirements.

Our security architecture implementation uses the security architecture previously defined, correlates it to available security products, and provides the configuration skills necessary to implement it.

Among other areas, our information security design and implementation services include:

• Information Security Program Design and Implementation.

• Information Security Risk Assessments.

• Information Security Policies, Standards, Procedures and Guidelines.

• Network Security Design and Implementation.

• Operating Systems and Subsystem Security Design and Implementation.

• Application Systems Security Design and Implementation.

• E-commerce \ E-banking Security Design and Implementation.

• Wireless Security Design and Implementation.

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