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Exterity Limited has been delivering enterprise-class building IPTV solutions since 2001, and today its products are used in 30 countries by more than 1000 customers,including some of the world’s largest corporations. Exterity products enable organizations to distribute broadcast-quality digital TV and video over building or campus IP networks (LANs) to a virtually unlimited number of users, with centralized management, configuration, and control.

Exterity helps organisations maximise the value of TV and video content by delivering it over a building, campus, or metropolitan-area IP network to TVs, PCs, and AV display equipment. Exterity Building IPTV solutions enable you to easily add more users while maintaining broadcast quality, reduce redundant hardware expenditures, and lower operating expenses. With Exterity, you can cost-effectively realise the full benefit of organisational IPTV: improved employee productivity, enhanced customer experience, and the opportunity for new revenue streams.


  • AvediaStream TVgateway
  • AvediaStream Chassis
  • AvediaStream Encoders
  • AvediaStream Transcoder
  • AvediapPlayer Software Clients
  • AvediaPlayer Recievers
  • AvediaServer



Headquarter: Scotland, UK
Founded: 2001
Leadership: Colin Farquhar, CEO

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