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Residential Automation

Residential Solution

These days electronics and communications technology influences almost every aspect of the home environment, Smart home technology is increasingly common in new homes and major home renovations especially at the top end of the market.

Busy architects have usually got their hands full providing their core services. You can’t be an expert at everything and keeping abreast of rapidly evolving home automation technologies can be a chore.

MCS vision is to create a flexible, comfortable and user-friendly domestic environment, yet still allow non-technical people to easily interact with the most technologically-advanced systems available.
MCS proven methodology to design your Smart home

MCS Smart home solutions

Based on Honeywell one of the leader in this technology , MCS build a very good packages according our customer needs , we care during our package selection on customer requirements, environment requirements, budget allowed, and many other factors we are very care about it.

Our solutions tailored and design to design your Smart home.

1- Total Home Automation solution
A control and automation system integrates all the electronic systems in and around your home through simple and easy-to-use touch screens or remote controls.

Advanced automation systems are very intelligent and can determine the status of the home and environment.

Pre-configured scenarios can be activated remotely or adapted to suit environmental changes such as temperature, lighting, time and moisture.

An automation system can be designed to control:

  • lighting.
  • security.
  • home theater.
  • irrigation & watering systems.
  • blinds & drapery.
  • windows and doors.
  • heating and cooling systems and many more systems around the home.


2- Total Home Security solution

A modern security system is much more than just an alarm. In addition to providing the necessary equipment such as motion detectors, glass break detectors, door and window switches, MCS Solutions can integrate commission and program the security system to function through simple touch panels.

Keyless access to home provides added security and monitoring.
Security video cameras can be strategically located in and around the office and can be controlled, viewed and recorded through any monitor or via the internet from anywhere in the world.

Smart Homes Solutions

 - Control (Lighting, Curtain, AC, Door Access, Gas, Gates)

 - Communication (Audio Video distribution)

 - Security

 - Audio/Video distribution

 - Home Network 

Smart Complex solution 

 - Complex FTTH solutions and designs

 - IP Video Monitoring and surveillance solutions

 - Enterprise IP Telephony solution

 - IPTV solutions

 - Access Control and perimeter security

 - Metering and Billing solution.

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