Full Fledge Server Portfolio

Full Range of Rackmount, Workstation & Tower Chassis and blades- mini-1U, 1U, 2U, 3U & 4U and Special attention to Micro-Blade generation: It represents an entirely new type of computing platform. It is a powerful and flexible extreme-density 6U/3U all-in-one total system that features 28/14 hot-swappable Micro-Blade Servers supporting 28/14 Newest Dual-Node Xeon UP systems with Intel E3-1200 v5 family configurations with up to 2 SSDs/1 HDD per Node. The 6U/3U Micro-Blade enclosure can incorporate up to 2 Chassis Management Modules, and up to 2 Switch Modules for efficient, high-bandwidth communications. It can incorporate up to 8 redundant (N+1 or N+N) 1600/2000W high efficiency (95%/96%) power supplies with cooling fans. This innovative new generation architecture includes micro-server, networking, storage, and unified remote management for Cloud Computing, Video Streaming, Content Delivery, Social Networking, Desktop Virtualization and Remote Workstation applications.

Our Provided Server Solutions Benefits

-Uncompromising Quality Control
-Widest Variety of Application Optimized Solutions, from High End Clusters
-Optimized thermal design: better cooling performance, less power consumption
-Best Performance per-Watt, per-Square-Foot, and per-Dollar