Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessment is a crucial component to network security and the risk management process. Internetworks and Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) networks have grown exponentially over the last decade. Along with the advent of this growth, computer vulnerabilities and malicious exploitation have increased. Operating system updates, vulnerability patches, virus databases, and security bulletins are becoming a key resource for any savvy network administrator or network security team. It is the application of the patches and use of knowledge gained from these resources that actually make the difference between a secure network system and a network used as a backdoor playground for malicious hacker attacks. To perform a successful vulnerability assessment, MCS team starts with deep asset discovery to identify assets criticality (to find out suitable scanning policies), rouge systems and services, then we perform (intrusive/non- intrusive) deep scanning for systems, Network devices, applications, and databases to discover missing patches, misconfigurations, policy mismatches, and existing vulnerabilities. Finally, we do comprehensive analysis for the scanning output to eliminate false positive and recommend suitable remediation actions.