In 2006, Solace Penetrated the Egyptian Market adding great value to home automation business in MENA region. Our competitive edge can be summarized in one word which is “Integration” where you can control all your home aspects at a single touch of a button. Since Solace home control launched, Our Research and Development Team has been working enthusiastically to deliver the latest features and technologies to the market, aiming to transfer your dream home into reality. At the beginning of 2015, Solace announced the delivery of its technology to the business sector by creating integrated Smart Conference Rooms. As SOLACE has a vision for making meetings better, and a passion for delivering the solutions that make it happen. SOLACE believes that meeting room technology needs to work out much more than its basic task of delivering content to displays or projector screens. Our main concept is to let SOLACE take control of the technology, so you can focus on your meeting.

Residential Automation

Solace Home Control gives you control over every aspect of your home, linking them all together for your convenience through your TV, Computer, Touch Panels or even your cell phone. Solace wants you and your family to experience the freedom and peace of mind you deserve to enjoy: The luxury to adjust the light settings and room temperature in each room to your desired taste. The comfort of knowing that your home has the highest security whether you are at home or away. The freedom to watch whatever you want, whenever you want, and wherever you want.

Commercial Automation

Solace offers solutions that put a series of customized and carefully orchestrated events in motion. Device Control Solace simplifies technology so that anyone can control and automate their work environment Content Control With technology adoption at an all-time high, the need to centrally distribute audio and video – such as broadcast television, music, videos and live camera feeds – throughout a building or home has never been greater.