Virtual Desktop & Applications

VDI has become increasingly popular with the broadened availability of mobile broadband, higher bandwidth, more compute power in modern mobile devices, higher display resolutions and a trend of BYOD within enterprises. NVIDIA virtual GPU software runs on NVIDIA Tesla GPUs and is based on NVIDIA Volta, NVIDIA Pascal™, and NVIDIA Maxwell™ GPU architectures.
Our solutions to free people from the constraints of a more traditional enterprise computing model. Our approach is already enabling people to work and collaborate from anywhere, and to access any IT service from any device. It is a new, more people-centric approach that spans from desktop to datacenter.
IT has the ability to centralize, virtualize and deliver apps, desktops and data with greater control, security, and efficiency and ultimately lower operating costs. Any data center becomes a delivery center and where all aspects of computing become cloud-based services.

Virtual Desktop & Applications Hosting Solutions
fully configured GPU server solutions to address the rapidly growing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) market. These solutions include a 1U, 2U, FatTwin™, or 4U Tower Server configured with 2x Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4/v3 CPUs, up to 3TB ECC DDR4-2400MHz memory in 24 DIMM slots per node, and NVIDIA Tesla GPUs based on the Volta, Pascal, and Maxwell architectures which deliver best-in-class virtual desktop experience to users anytime and anywhere.

Virtual Desktop & Applications Solution Benefits

  • Delivery apps and desktops no longer has to be directly related to the physical device
  • Apps and desktops can be delivered on-demand, to any type of device
  • Enabling users to get access to what they need when then need it.
  • Eliminating or reducing device support, expensive PC refresh cycles
GPU server solutions Benefits
  • Best Windows 10 VDI user Experience.
  • Live Migration. Ensure continuous uptime by migrating live, GPU-accelerated VMs, with no impact to the user and no loss of data.
  • Multiple Monitor. Support multiple HD displays and up to two 4K-resolution displays to expand your workspace, enhance multi-tasking, and increase productivity.
  • Native-PC Experience. Utilize NVIDIA GRID software with Tesla GPUs to deliver responsive, virtual workspaces that perform like native PCs to every user.
  • Linux OS Applications. Deliver the benefits of like-native performance of VDI environments to software developers and EDA designers that rely on a Linux-based development environment.