Juniper Completes Mist Acquisition

April 04,2019 | Press-release

Juniper announces its’ acquisition of Mist Systems is now complete! Mist has a highly differentiated wireless solution that will strengthen and complement Juniper’s existing software-defined enterprise portfolio.

The acquisition of Mist expands Juniper’s enterprise portfolio to enable technology in the wireless arena and ushers in an AI-driven solution for managing IT operations.

Juniper’s priority for the near term is to ensure that Mist, as a Juniper company, maintains its growth trajectory and continues to develop products that redefine wireless. The company will also be sharing Mist’s extraordinary AI-driven wireless solution to a wider audience of Juniper customers. 

There are no major changes to how customers buy Mist or Juniper products. Customers will still be able to order the same great products. Similarly, there will be no changes to how we manage partners in the short term. The Mist team will remain a separate operating unit within Juniper and we will continue to leverage Mist’s strong and growing brand.

With Juniper and Mist together, we will blaze the path to AI for IT™ in this era of digital transformation!



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