Future of Datacenters Summit 2021 Exposes New Opportunities

January 20,2021 | Newsletter

FDC Signals the New Trends

In a digitally oriented world, the increasing generated data every day requires having reliable and secure IT infrastructure where this data can be stored and managed intelligently and securely.

Meeting the momentum updates and trends in Datacenters technology, Future of Data Centers Summit FDC, runs under the patronage of Ministry of Communication and Information Technology annually to signal the latest opportunities and the best practices to support the enterprises and the government especially after adopting the digital transformation plan.

Three Fruitful Rounds:

60 speakers, 37 Sponsors and +5000 visitors are part of FDC success story for the past 3 rounds. Besides, FDC reported more than US$ 24 million Return on Investment (ROI) as direct feedback from FDC participants.

The held rounds of FDC showed thriving participation and attendance from all business sectors around the world. In 2019, About 2500 participants attended the third round of the summit. IT executives, decision-makers, and community leaders joined to attain the latest technology trends from the key providers and industry leaders and got the chance to identify “How the big players, play..”


The Future of Data Centers Summit FDC 2021

After 3 prosperous rounds of the biggest Datacenters Event in Africa, the fourth round of FDC Summit roadshows of next-generation technologies and strategies from the world of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, an opportunity to explore and discover the practical and successful implementation of AI and Big Data in driving forward business for a smarter future.

FDC Summit 2021, taking place this coming April 2021, brings together business and technology leaders to explore what it takes to build human-centric AI, and how these approaches will bring the focus back to the people who will benefit from it. FDC 2021 has a new approach to exploring more Datacenter Potentials in wider technology Domains including Hardware, Networking, Software, Preparations, Orchestration and Others.

FDC 2021 Domains

Take It to the Next Level

FDC Summit is a chance to explore the data centers vision from the technology stockholder's perspective like Technology innovators, Vendors, Service providers, Government officials, Systems Integrators, Distributors, Auditors, and others. 

Stay Tuned!!!

For more information, visit www.futuredc.org


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